Hi, Im Jonny Eom or jonnyeom.

I am a professional developer, experienced in developing enterprise level websites and applications.
Im good at PHP and JavaScript, specializing in Symfony and Drupal.

Developer Things

Here are some surface level details on some of my recent development activity!

API Platform + Symfony

A powerful library backed by very smart people.
Highly recommend this solution. Working with this community is a big plus.
Link to their repository.

Symfony Certified

A certification to show understanding in the Symfony framework, components, and really modern PHP application development.
Here is a link to the Certification.

Another coding standard

An opinionated PHP coding-standard.
Link to project

Drupal 9 Build: amia.org

Syncs with external AMS.

Drupal community modules

File Delete (D8/D9). Link to project
Entity Role View Mode Switcher. Link to project

Integrated Commerce Platform in Drupal 8: usni.org

Fully featured commerce platform.
Sync with Salesforce and external related services.

Interactive Map/Reporting Application

Here is a Link to the live application.

See more previous projects